Sports Betting Tips

Sports Betting Tips from Winning Professional Handicappers

Sports betting is not easy. The only reason why the Wise Owl Sports Service is ranked as the number one sports betting service in the world is because of our discipline and focus. Thanks to following a strict set of guidelines and rules we are able to beat out the bookmakers each and every week. We will give you the best betting tips so you can beat out the oddsmakers as we do.

If you decide that following rules and learning the hard way then you can succeed with our betting tips and become a true punter with the Wise Owl. Winning is everything when you go to the window and cash six figure tickets over and over and over again.

1. Don’t gamble while intoxicated. While you should not drink and drive you should also refrain from drinking and gambling. Under the influence may sound like fun but losing money which is sure to happen is not.

2. Control your losses. Being disciplined with your growing bankroll is pertinent. We will teach you to bet a certain amount of set units per game. This is how the pros like us do it.

3. Obey the lines. There are times that lines are way off. We will pounce on those opportunities because timing is everything. If you can get a wager in at -8 points before it goes down to -3.5 points then you have a 4.5 point advantage against the spread right from the start. We will educate and teach you about all of this.